Purple Label IQOS Heets are the heat sticks that are used in the IQOS device. These heat sticks are filled with nicotine and special tobacco is mixed in these. These heat sticks are purple and have similar taste as Marlboro Parliament cigarettes have. The cigarettes have a high amount of tobacco which is burnt when a smoker wants to enjoy the taste of smoking. The burning tobacco produces a smoke that directly goes into the lungs and stops breathing which can lead to death. Almost every smoker of the world is suffering from breathing problems and it has no solution without leaving smoking. Smoking is an addictive habit that is very difficult to leave and impossible for many smokers. The smokers also want a way to get the real taste of cigarettes without any tobacco burning and smoking.

Using IQOS Heets with the IQOS device is the only for smokers to enjoy the taste of smoking without any health risk. The Heets are the heat sticks like cigarettes. IQOS device has the ability to act as a burner. The heat sticks are inserted into the IQOS Holder by pressing the button. There is a metal rod that heats up the heat sticks. When the IQOS device is switched on, the metal rod is heated up automatically. When the heats are inserted these touch with the rod. The flavors from the sticks are produced by heating up and the smoker can enjoy them easily. This process is free from burning and no ashes are produced.

Purple Wave IQOS Heets are the most smoked and like heat sticks by smokers worldwide. These are not expensive. You can but these sticks from Heetsweb, an online tobacco products shop.

Purple Wave IQOS Heets has a packing of 10 packs in each box and there are 20 sticks in each pack.

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    I highly recommend this website.
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    Excellent products, well packaged, fast delivery 😁

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    They are great. The orders are always on time and quality of the products is very good.

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    The tobacco is great quality. Great service

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