Creations Apricity Heets are used for smoking. There are traditional cigarettes that are filled with tobacco and are used by all smokers worldwide. These cigarettes have a high amount of tobacco and dangerous flavor which leads to many problems including breath problems which can cause death. To decrease this risk, IQOS device is manufactured by Marlboro Parliament, a cigarette making company.

There are Heets sticks that are used like cigarettes.

All the cigarettes are burnt at a high temperature of 800 degrees which is dangerous for lungs. While in IQOS, Heets sticks are burnt at low temperatures of 350 degrees which do not burn tobacco. In this way, not tobacco is burnt and no smoke is produced. It gives the same taste like cigarettes. Every smoker can use this device for smoking without any health loss.

Buy Creations Apricity Heets are developed especially for those smokers who want to smoke regularly without any fear. These Heets have a little amount of tobacco but with the same taste of cigarettes with high tobacco. These Heets are only burnt in IQOS Heets devices and you cannot smoke them without this device.

You can only smoke Heet sticks with IQOS devices and do not try to insert traditional cigarettes in this device.
Heets sticks are inserted in IQOS Holder in which Heet rod is heated at 350 degrees of temperature. Creations Apricity Heets have aromatic and fruity flavors that are tasted when these are heated up. These have also creamy and aromatic notes of warm fruits that have an addictive taste. These sticks are heated at a very low temperature of about 250 to 350 degrees.

There are 200 sticks in each box of Creations Apricity Heets. In each stick about 6.1g of tobacco is mixed. There are 10 packets in each box of Heets. Keep them away from the children because these are only made for adults.

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