Bronze Label Heets are the cheapest heat sticks which is the best choice of smokers. These sticks are a combination of different flavors of a hint of hot malt notes and velvety smoke. A combination of dried fruits and cocoa with the flavor of tobacco is also found in IQOS Bronze Label Heets.

These sticks have very low harmful effects on health as compare to traditional cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes are filled with tobacco which is harmful to the lungs and respiratory system. When smokers burn cigarettes, tobacco is burnt and it causes the smoke production. The smoke is directly going into the lungs and it infects the lungs which causes breath-stopping. Due to the burning of cigarettes and tobacco, a lot of smokers are suffering from mouth cancer. Smoking can also lead to death.

Bronze Label heat sticks are also filled with tobacco and nicotine but a little amount. The stick is inserted in the IQOS Holder of the IQOS device by pressing the button. There is a small metal rod in the IQOS device which is heated when the device is switched on and this rod is called Heet rod. The stick is heated up when it touched with the Heet rod. By heating up, different flavors and tastes of sticks are produced which smokers can enjoy with full taste. The sticks are just heated up and not burnt. This is called heat not burn process.

IQOS device was made by the cigarette brand, Marlboro Parliament. This device is charged and easy to keep in pocket. The IQOS device has a similar size and shape like a smartphone. It is slippery and slim.

Like other different types of IQOS Heets, Bronze Label heat sticks are also packed in 10 packets in each box. There is a 6.1g of tobacco mixed in each stick.

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  1. Reece (verified owner)

    Hi fantastic service

  2. Fadi Alber (verified owner)

    Go ahead and order your cigarettes. Quality guaranteed 👍👍

  3. G vaughan. (verified owner)

    I ordered my cigarettes on Oct 20th
    Told they were out for delivery.soon after
    Still waiting .

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