When tobacco in traditional cigarettes is burnt and produced smoke is directly inhaled it causes many diseases like vomiting and breath-stopping. Many of the smokers have died due to smoking. Tobacco also causes mouth cancer and many smokers have been infected with it.

To decrease this risk a cigarette brand Marlboro in Parliament made a device that is used as a burner. This device is an electronic device with a battery power. Traditional cigarettes are burnt with 800 degrees of temperatures while in the IQOS device, the burning temperature is 350 degrees.

There are different kinds of IQOS device that has been introduced and sold in markets. IQOS 2.4 Plus – Soft Black is one of them. This device is in black color. Its shape is the same as a mobile phone which looks like a professional device. It is slim and slippery which you can keep in pockets. It is chargeable with long-lasting battery life.

It consists of two portions; IQOS Holder and Pocket Charger. The dimensions of the Holder contain 15.04 mm of diameter with 93.6 mm height. Pocket charger has a 51.2 mm width and 112.5 mm height with a diameter of 21.86 mm.

It has a metal heating rod in the holder which is used to heat up the sticks. The sticks are like cigarettes that are placed in the holder. When a stick is placed in the holder, a LED is displayed on the IQOS 2.4 Plus device. The metal is heated up when the device is switched on which heats up the sticks.

IQOS 2.4 Plus Soft Black has a heat-not-burn feature in which no tobacco is burned and produces no ash. It is free from smoking. Smoker taste only flavors like a smell without inhaling smoke. It is the best way of smoking without burning tobacco and any risk of disease.


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IQOS 2.4 Soft Black IQOS 2.4 Plus – Soft Black

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