When you are smoking traditional cigarettes in public places, it will produce an irritating smell and smoke. You can only smoke traditional cigarettes sitting alone or sitting in smokers. The smoke of cigarettes causes cough and breathing problems. The burning of tobacco is the main cause of vomiting for smokers. It also causes mouth cancer.

IQOS Green Zing Heets are used as cigarettes with the IQOS device. Heets are also called heat sticks. The IQOS device is an instrument that has the ability to heat up the sticks. This device acts as a burner.

Like other heat sticks, IQOS Green Zing Heets also have different flavors. These sticks have a cool and amazing taste of methanol that fuses with aromatic notes and citrus taste of boiling herbs. There is proper mixing of tobacco with nicotine that is only for adults. This brand product is harmless and free from any health risk but children should not use it.

These heat sticks are used only in the IQOS device. IQOS device was made by Marlboro Parliament to decrease the health issues that are facing smokers due to smoking cigarettes. In the IQOS device, no tobacco is burnt directly like cigarettes and smoke is not produced. You can only taste the real flavors of heat sticks without smoking and burning of tobacco.

Green Zing heat sticks are also heated up with the IQOS device. You have to just insert a stick in the IQOS Holder. There is a metal rod that is heated up by switching the IQOS device turned on. The heated metal rod touched with the stick and different flavors are produced from the stick which smokers can taste without smoke.

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