IQOS Heets are the sticks that are used to smoke like cigarettes. Amber Label Heets are also sticks that have different flavors and tastes. IQOS Heets are also called heat sticks.

There is a device in which heat sticks are inserted to enjoy the real taste of cigarettes. This device is called the IQOS device. The IQOS device is introduced by a cigarette brand, Marlboro. The main purpose of this device is to enjoy smoking without burning tobacco and without inhaling smoking. There is a heat-not-burn process in this device.

Amber Label Heets are the best and most used heat sticks by smokers worldwide. There is a limited amount of nuts and fried notes in these Heets which produced very tasteful flavor. Amber Label Heets can be said Marlboro Heets because you can experience the same taste like Marlboro cigarettes.
There is a mixture of wild berries, smell of menthol, and formulated tobacco in Amber Label Heets which are heated not smoke. When traditional cigarettes are smoked, tobacco is burnt and smoke is inhaled which infects the lungs and causes respiratory problems. Therefore no tobacco is burnt and no smoke is produced. You can use IQOS devices in every public place and while sitting in your family and friends. Nobody will be irritated when you will be using this device.

Amber Label Heets are packed in 10 packets and each packet contains 20 heat sticks. 200 sticks are packed in a box and there is 6.1g of tobacco mixed in each cigarette. Amber Label has a fruity taste flavor with light note and it is the best choice of smokers. All the Heets are made in the USA and everyone can buy even if not citizens of the USA. These have low costs and you can order by sitting at home from Cigarettesclub.

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