Traditional cigarettes are a common source of smoking for worldwide smokers. There are many brands of cigarettes. Cigarettes have a fixed amount of tobacco and nicotine. Tobacco and nicotine are mixed with the special method and filled in cigarettes.

When tobacco is burnt it produces smoke that is inhaled by smokers. The temperature which is given to cigarettes for a burn is 800 degrees which is very high. At this high temperature, burnt tobacco becomes dangerous for health. It infects the lungs and causes breathing problems.

A lot of smokers have died due to smoking as it also causes mouth cancer. Everybody wants to smoke without producing smoke and burning tobacco so that they can enjoy smoking without any health risk. Smoking is an addictive habit that remains a long time until death.

Due to increasing health problems that are caused due to cigarettes and smoking, IQOS Heets are made. These Heets are also filled with nicotine and tobacco but with a minimum amount. There are some additional favors in IQOS Heets which are not found in traditional cigarettes. Heets are free from tobacco burning and produce no smoke. These are heated up at a low temperature of 350 degrees and flavors are tasted. Flavors come out just like smell. Heets have smell just to the smoker and not spread around. You can use Heets anywhere in friends and family with irritating them.

Silver Label Exclusive IQOS Heets are also heated sticks that you can buy online from Cigarettesclub. These sticks have amazing flavors the same as the taste of cigarettes of the Marlboro brand. These heat sticks are packed in 10 packets and each packet has 20 sticks. You can use only the IQOS device for these heat sticks. Keep these sticks away from the children and it is only for adults.

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    First class service as usual

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    They offer a wide range of products and various ways to receive your order. Really great service.

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    Great service great tobacco

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    Good service and communication of not a bit slow on the shipment.

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    Very quick service easy to order reasonable prices will use again

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