There are 20 cigarette sticks in each Label box of Heets TURQUOISE. Each stick has the same lifetime as a traditional cigarette. Each time these sticks can last about 14 bites and about 6 minutes per cigarette lick. All Heets sticks have many flavor options and also contain about 0.5mg of nicotine. You should use it only according to the instructions that are given and keep it away from the children because this product is not made for children. This is a refreshing menthol product in which subtle zvery notes are present. There is tobacco in each stick which is used with the IQOS system and other products. There are 10 packets of Heets Turquoise Label in every ball and 20 sticks of tobacco are present in each packet. IQOS is an electronic device and it has ever-changing technology through which you can smoke cigarettes without burning. In this way, you can enjoy the real taste of cigarettes without smoking.

Smoking is injurious to health and every smoker has a lot of diseases like breathing problems. By using this device, the smoker can smoke cigarettes with low risk of causing diseases. This IQOS device is made on the base of not burn technology which does not burn the cigarettes directly. Traditionally, cigarettes are burnt at 800 degrees of temperature while in IQOS, Heets sticks are burnt at 350 degrees. Burning of cigarettes at this minimum level of temperature decreases the risk of diseases and breathing problems as compared to traditional cigarettes at high temperatures.

Finally, IQOS is free from smoking having no ash and a very little amount of odor. IQOS is very useful as you can smoke it in public places and in family and friends because it is free from smoking and nobody will irritate you. About 3 million people in the world have started using IQOS instead of cigarettes.

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    delivery is super speedy too 🙂

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    Affordable, reliable, and not a huge wait from the time of order to the time of delivery!

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    Great online service

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    Use them regularly, always 1st class service.

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    Fantastic quick service

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