Creations Noor Heets are cigarettes that are smoked with an electronic device. Traditional cigarettes have a high amount of tobacco that creates problems in the respiration system. High burning tobacco produces smoke which is inhaled by all smokers. This smoke causes to stop the breath and finally leads to death.

Cigarettes and breath problems have become common in whole the world and every smoker has this problem. Some of them are also suffering from mouth cancer. These all are due to tobacco and smoking. An IQOS device is introduced in recent years to stop such problems. This device is not a medical instrument. This device is used to smoke with real taste and flavors of cigarettes without tobacco burning and smoking. There are sticks that are used like cigarettes in this device. These sticks are called Heets or Heatsticks.

Like different brands of cigarettes, Heets are also classified into many kinds based upon their flavors. But all Heets can be smoked with one IQOS device. Each stick has a different contribution of tobacco and other things including flavors. Some of them are expensive and some are cheap.

Creations Noor Heets are different in flavor with others. There are two flavors in these sticks. One is mild citrus and the other is nutty flavor. These Heets are most like and used Heets by worldwide smokers. Most of the smokers buy these Heets for IQOS device. These Heets have black and orange packing with a beautiful look. You should try a new flavor with creamy taste which is found in Creations Noor Heets.

Like most of the others, these sticks also have 6.1g of tobacco mixed in each. Each box contains 200 sticks and 10 packs.
You can smoke Heets only in the IQOS device. There is no other way of smoking these Heets. And do not try to smoke traditional cigarettes with IQOS device.

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