There are a lot of brands of cigarettes and every brand has its own taste and flavor. All smokers do not smoke cigarettes of the same flavor and same taste. Every smoker has its own choice. They are addictive to different brands. Often they smoke the cigarette that they smoke the first time in life. Some of them change cigarette brands when they try to taste a new one. It also depends on the prices of cigarettes. Everybody does not afford the same expensive brands therefore they buy cheap ones.

Cheap cigarettes are less tasteful and have not such good flavors like an expensive one. Almost all cigarettes are harmful to health. These can cause serious problems like vomiting and breathe stopping.

Creation Glaze Heets are actually cigarettes but not have such harmful effects on health. These Heets have best and tasteful flavors more than traditional cigarettes. There is a different way of smoking of Heets than cigarettes. Heets are not smoked like cigarettes with directly burn. There is a minimum amount of tobacco in Creation Glaze Heets and no smoke is produced.

There is an IQOS device which is used to smoke these Heets. These Heets are also called IQOS Heets. Heets are like sticks of different lengths based on flavors and tastes. Like cigarettes, all Heets are different in prices but no one is harmful for health.

Creations Glaze Heets have herbal and aromatic flavor. When these Heets are inserted in the IQOS device, tobacco is mixed with flavors and heated with Heets rod to heat up the sticks. Heets sticks are heated and not burn therefore there is no smoke is produced. Flavors of these Heets are based on herbs.

There are two colors of packing of these Heets in black and green. Every box has 200 sticks and which are packed in 10 packs. Each stick has 6.1g of tobacco mixed in it.

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  1. Christopher Alford (verified owner)

    As always a great service was provided, even got my late order here in time.

  2. Meisenheimer D (verified owner)

    Great store to buy your cigarettes from.

  3. Brunelle (verified owner)

    Very fast. Was Exactly what i needed and more

  4. EF (verified owner)

    Not a bad price, and delivered in good time. No complaints!

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