When people go to IQOS stores, the first taste of the rod is Yellow Label when the people but it. The favor of Yellow Label Heets is aromatic and with a tobacco aromatic blend. The taste of this flavor and Marlboro in Parliament is similar. This IQOS Heets has also a taste of airy smoky flavor. You can use this product for all IQOS 2.4 and 2.4 plus and all other devices which are used to smoke Heets. Heets are sticks the same as cigarettes and are filled with tobacco that is made for IQOS and is burn with very low temperatures. The main purpose of Yellow Label Heets is to give the real taste of cigarettes without smoking and with lower risk. All adult smokers can enjoy these Heets without burning tobacco like cigarettes. There is no ash in Heets sticks.

You cannot use this device to smoke traditional cigarettes because special Heets are only inserted in it to smoke. These Heets are inserted into the IQOS Holder. There is a warm glaze inside the Holder with which the cigarette rod is heated to 350-degree temperature. This heated rod pushes the real flavor of cigarettes out with nicotine-rich smoke. In this process no cigarette or smoke is burnt there it is called β€˜Heat Not Burn’.

There are 20 IQOS Heets sticks in the box Yellow Label. All flavors are available including 0.5mg of nicotine in each Heets rod. Keep IQOS away from the children and use it according to the given instructions. All the cigarettes are filled fully with tobacco and this tobacco is burnt at 800 degrees temperature which causes many health problems. IQOS device has the ability in which no tobacco is burnt and no smoke is come out. You can use this device sitting in your family and friends without any irritation because it has no effect on them.

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  1. Y…m (verified owner)

    Fast delivery..

  2. Leah (verified owner)

    Excellent cigs and service from here in USA

  3. emil874 (verified owner)

    Great product and service

  4. H…. (verified owner)

    Good website and efficient process. Orders have always been supplied promptly. Good communication.

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Heets Yellow Label Heets for IQOS Yellow Label

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