The need for IQOS devices occurred when the diseases increased due to smoking. The smokers of the world are suffering from different dangerous disease due to inhaling poisonous smoking and burning of tobacco. A high amount of nicotine mixed with tobacco is filled in a cigarette. When the smoker burns the cigarette with a lighter, tobacco is burnt with a high temperature of 800 degrees which produces smoke. This smoke is so dangerous that it infects the lungs and causes breathing problems.

Tobacco is also the main cause of mouth cancer and a lot of people died due to smoking. All smokers want to smoke cigarettes without any risk because they cannot live without smoking. Smoking is a bad addictive habit.

IQOS device is made in such a way that no smoke is produced with it. It is the best source of smoking without any health risk. This device was launched first time in the United Kingdom. The GOVT of the U.K was not ready to make it legal and did not allow it to launch it in the market. The reason was that it was not considered free from risk. Later on, they allowed it to buy and sell because it is better than cigarettes.

IQOS 3 DUO Stellar Blue is the most advanced IQOS device with great features. This device has a battery that is rechargeable. It has long-lasting battery timing. IQOS 3 is so small that you can keep it in your pocket like a mobile phone. Its color is stellar blue with an amazing look. It is slim and slippery.

IQOS 3 DUO Stellar Blue comes with a holder and pocket charger. The Heets are used like cigarettes and called heat sticks. Heat stick is inserted in the holder to heat up with a metal rod.

You can buy all kinds of Heets and IQOS devices at cheap rates from Cigarettesclub, an online store.

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