IQOS 3 Multi is the latest model of IQOS devices. You can use this device to enjoy smoking without traditional cigarettes. In cigarettes, you waste a lot of tobacco which is burnt and smoked. Burning of cigarettes produces ash which is not produced in IQOS 3 MULTI device. A powerful battery is placed on this device. You can enjoy 10 heat sticks without recharging the battery. One time battery charge can be used for a long time. It is slim and slipper and you can keep it in your pockets. It is small in size so that you can bring it always with you.

IQOS 3 Multi Brilliant Gold is made on the basis of heat-not-burn technology which helps to prevent various diseases like mouth cancer and breathing problems. When you burn the cigarette with lighter, tobacco filled in cigarettes is a burn that produces smoke. The smoke goes to the lungs passing through the mouth and infects lungs.

When you will use IQOS 3 Multi Brilliant Gold, you will remain safe from such dangerous diseases that can lead to death. In this device, only flavors are produced and you can enjoy them without any smoke. No tobacco is burnt therefore it is free from ash and smell. You can use IQOS 3 Multi Brilliant Gold in family and friends without hesitation of smell and smoke.
There is no need for lighter if you have an IQOS device. A metal rod is used to heat up the heat sticks. Heat sticks are Heets that are filled with tobacco and nicotine.

IQOS 3 Multi Brilliant Gold comes with a holder, pocket charger, and cleaning accessories in golden color.

A pocket charger is used to charge a battery. In the holder, heat sticks are placed which are heated up with the metal rod.

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    Item arrived

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    Also excellent service and good prices too. Much larger selection than anywhere else and always in stock. Highly recommended.

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IQOS 3 Multi Brilliant Gold IQOS 3 Multi – Brilliant Gold

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