Traditional cigarettes are filled with a high amount of tobacco and ash which is not good for health. There are a lot of smokers in the world who are suffering from different diseases due to the high amount of ashes and smoking. When the cigarette is smoked, tobacco is burnt and it produces dangerous smoke which is inhaled by smokers and it directly infects the lungs. This smoke not only causes respiration problems but also causes mouth cancer. Every smoker wants to enjoy the real taste of smoking without any danger.

The Marlboro Parliament solved this solution and found a way to smoke cigarettes without burning tobacco and without inhaling smoking. They made a device which is used to get the taste of cigarette without any health issue.

The IQOS device is an electric device that is made for smokers. In this device, a battery is placed which is charged to use the device. Heets are the same as cigarettes which are filled with tobacco and these are also called heat sticks.

IQOS Blue Label Heets are also heat sticks that are used as cigarettes in IQOS devices. These sticks are filled with tobacco with deep and strong flavor of menthol. These have aromatic notes of soothing menthol which provides fresh sensation to smokers. It is the best choice of someone to try a new flavor and taste of IQOS Heets. Blue Label heat stick is inserted in the IQOS Holder where a Heet rod is fitted which heat up the stick. When the stick is heated up, different flavors are produced without burning tobacco. The stick is heated with a very small temperature of 350 degrees, therefore no smoke is produced.

IQOS Blue Label Heets are packed in two blue and white colors. Each box has 10 packs and each pack contains 20 sticks. There are 200 sticks in each box.

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  1. Gerald A. (verified owner)

    Great service & my dad loved his gift

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    Slow shipping but HQ cigs. Thank you!

  3. Alejandro (verified owner)

    I was a bit suspicious at the beginning cuz I had already been scammed and it takes a couple of days/week to receive the tracking number. However, the customer service is very active and helpful. After not even a couple of weeks the package arrived, the quality is good and I will definitely come back for more. 👍👍

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  5. D (verified owner)

    Good website, reasonable prices. Fast despatch. Recommended.

  6. F… (verified owner)

    Usual efficiency from Cigsnet.

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